NAB Show Product Preview: Signal Processing & Analysis

Look around and you’ll see there’s been a real revolution in the way television is done. The all-IP television plant is now a reality, along with virtualization of broadcast equipment, cloud storage and operations, UHD, HDR, ECG and more. Regardless of the methodologies used in capturing, storing, editing and playout, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed—technology for adjustment of signal levels, color correction, format changes and other manipulations to produce better and more pleasing content for the consumer.


Digital Alert Systems’ DASDEC

Digital Alert Systems’ DASDEC

DIGITAL ALERT SYSTEMS will debut the EAS-NET Advanced Emergency Alerting (AEA) upgrade for DASDEC, enabling urgent communications between broadcasters and their audiences via text graphics and audio, providing a more interactive way to convey emergency messages. Also look for the HALO (Homogenous Alert Overseer), a web-based tool that allows users to inspect the health of multiple EAS devices, alert personnel to changes, update software and consolidate FCC-mandated test results.

NVERZION will show their NFinity Plus package for the company’s automation system. It includes an EAS interface, enhanced graphics package and more.


COMPROMPTER will showcase Caption Central Multi-Gen 2, which accommodates the voices of as many as eight speakers, sending the name/title of each along with the speech-to-text conversion.

EEG ENTERPRISES will introduce new enhancements to its Lexi automatic captioning “Topic Model” technology that recognizes topics and context to provide enhanced accuracy in speech-to-text conversion.

ENCO enCaption4

ENCO enCaption4

ENCO will showcase enCaption4, with a new speech-to-text engine that enhances accuracy and speed, while offering flexible on-premises or cloud-based deployment options. enCaption4 is available as an on-premises system or as a cloud-based solution running on Amazon Web Services.

LINK ELECTRONICS will premier their ACE-2200 automated captioning engine for converting speech into data for encoding via a TS-232 port or TCP/IP.

TELESTREAM will demonstrate their Wirecast live captioning and re-streaming service. It’s available as an option for any Wirecast streaming system and allows users to stream to multiple destinations from a single upload at the broadcast origination point.

TIGHTROPE MEDIA SYSTEMS will show v6.4 of their Cablecast Community Media platform, which includes closed captioning support for online video-on-demand clips and live streams.

VOICE INTERACTION will feature Audimus Media, which produces closed captioning support for online VOD clips and live streams.


APERI will unveil its suite of 2022 gateway and standard codecs, including H.264 and JPEG2000 versions.

AVIWEST will demonstrate its hardware-implemented H.265/HEVC HE4000 HD video encoder that accommodates one 4K channel, or up to four simultaneous HD feeds. The company will also feature its MojoPro series of mobile applications (iOS, macOS and Android), for live streaming of files via bonded cellular connections. Booth visitors will also want to check out the StreamHub transceiver, which handles 4K, is H.265/HEVC-compliant, accomodates up to 16 incoming streams and provides a receiver, decoder and distribution platform in one package.

COBALT DIGITAL will feature their 9992-ENC-HEVC multichannel MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC broadcast encoder, which sports a very high compression efficiency, and is also MPEG-2/MPEG-4/AVC-capable.

HITACHI-COMARK will feature their future-proof Titan software-based encoding technology that supports all resolutions from SD to 4K, as well as any codec, including MPEG-2, H.264, and HEVC.

TELESTREAM will launch the latest version of its Lightspeed Live stream live encoder, which now supports HDR and CMAF packaging, as well as live caption encoding.

TMD will debut the Fidelity encoder, which can create frame-accurate video for viewing in any web browser as soon as recording starts. Features include standard indexing of timed text.

VITEC's MGW Ace 4:2:2 HEVC portable encoder/decoder

VITEC's MGW Ace 4:2:2 HEVC portable encoder/decoder

VITEC  will showcase the MGW Diamond Tough military-grade HEVC and H.264 four-channel unit that delivers IP video from SDI sources and is designed for mobile platforms. There’s also the MGW Ace 4:2:2 HEVC portable encoder/decoder that also provides H.264 encoding for legacy applications and features error correction and low power consumption.




AJA will spotlight v2.0 software for its FS-HDR converter/frame synchronizer, providing parametric controls for adjusting the look of final transforms and also adds support for Sony’s S-Log3 Gamut3 Cine and S-Log3 BT.2020 camera formats.

ANEVIA will feature their low-latency end-to-end delivery system, which provides all tools for delivering OTT service.

APERI plans to show a number of hardware and software products, including the V-Stack third-generation virtualization product with expanded functionality in handling multiple processes, including logging and monitoring. Booth visitors will also want to check out Aperi’s SMPTE 2110 Nat-firewall app, which supports 128 bidirectional flows of content per microserver. The company will also show its new TICO 4K compression app.

APPEAR TV will showcase their Live OTT Transcoder software product. It allows broadcasters to deliver high-quality multiscreen content with commercial off-the-shelf hardware, and features frame rate conversion, de-interlacing, logo insertion capability, as well as adjustment of delivery speed versus quality level.



ATEME will feature their Titan codec, which provides AV1 support, as well as CMAF (fMP4) on Apple devices.

AXEL TECHNOLOGY will showcase their PC-based multiple channel Multi Cross Converter that simultaneously inputs and outputs SDI, NDI or IP with selectable output resolutions and framerates.

BARNFIND TECHNOLOGIES will show the BTF1-41 series of 4K optical duplex transceivers with reclocking capability. Booth visitors will also want to check out BarnOne with Web Server and control via Telnet, a new web interface that enables installation, configuration and operation of one or more BarnOne card frames.

Cobalt Digital 9904-UDX-4K  12G-SDI UHD up/down/cross converter

Cobalt Digital 9904-UDX-4K  12G-SDI UHD up/down/cross converter

COBALT DIGITAL will spotlight their 9904-UDX-4K 12G-SDI UHD up/down/cross converter that provides quad 3GSDI and 12G-SDI I/O, along with SDI muxing/de-muxing, and can optionally handle SDR-to-HDR upmapping and other functions.

EVERTZ will spotlight evEDGE, a virtualized IP-based media platform that supports a variety of processing and conversion functions. Also look for the 570iTXE video delivery platform that handles receiving and decoding of content, as well as normalizing and multiple encoding (H.264 and JPEG-2000) of streams within a facility.

GRASS VALLEY will roll out their UHD- 3901-UC dual-channel HD/3G to 4K UHD upconverter with a high-quality scaler, motion adaptive de-interlacer and color space conversion.

HARMONIC will demo their VOS Software SW Cluster media processing technology that provides encoding, playout, packaging for all types of deployment including private and public cloud.

IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS will demonstrate their all-IP-capable Selenio Network Processor which handles uncompressed UHD signals based on SMPTE’s 2110 spec and provides both IP-to-IP processing and also serves as an SDI-to-IP gateway.

LAWO will feature its V_matrix software-defined processing and routing platform based on high-capacity commercial off-the-shelf computing technology. It provides a seamless migration from SDI to IP and features multilayer signal, control, networking and hardware redundancy.

NEVION will spotlight its IP media transport and processing technologies, which accommodate 4K encoding/decoding (TICO and J2K) across IP LANs and WANs.

TELESTREAM will show its Vantage Platform, which supports UHD, HDR and IMF, and handles ingestion, editing, transcoding, packaging functions and more.


COBALT DIGITAL will roll out their 9971-MV18-4K 12G-SDI 18-input UHD multiviewer, featuring a modular design that allows expansion to match users’ needs and provides a 3840x2160 raster output.

DVEO will take the wraps off their DVBASI O Mon HD ASI/4 quad display and transport stream analyzer. It displays four streams simultaneously and also provides signal analysis and alarms.

IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS will show their EPIC software-based multiviewer that accommodates all types of video and helps provide a seamless transition to IP.

LAWO will demonstrate multiviwer functionality for SDI and IP video sources within their V_Matrix IP-routing and processing platform.

UTAH SCIENTIFIC will demonstrate the SynView 4k and IP multiviewer for the company’s 400 Series hybrid router product. The SynView technology from Axon features single field latency and external looping to accommodate a large number of input channels.


AJA will debut v2.0 software for its FS-HDR processor, which includes 12 new controls for color correction, including red, green, blue and master adjustments for lift, gain and gamma, as well as one for saturation and two for input formats.


Many of the functions now performed by modern test equipment were not needed in analog days. And as equipment designers get comfortable with the new measurement norms, they will find ways to extract more interesting information from the existing signals.


Blackmagic Design SmartScope Duo 4K  waveform/vector monitor system

Blackmagic Design SmartScope Duo 4K  waveform/vector monitor system

BLACKMAGIC DESIGN will feature its SmartScope Duo 4K dual-screen monitor that has two independent 8-inch displays in a 3RU design that’s less than 1 inch deep. SmartScope Duo 4K lets you select among waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade, YUV parade, histogram and audio phase with audio level displays.

LEADER will show its LV5333 waveform/vector display, which now has an option to monitor high dynamic range and hybrid log gamma HD video.

MARSHALL ELECTRONICS will spotlight its DLWR-3G compact video analysis engine that works with any DVI-D or HDMI display. Features of the DLWR- 3G include on-screen video waveform and vectorscope, 16-channel audio level metering, closed-captioning decode (608/708) and timecode display, as well as audio de-embedding.

OMNITEK will feature its Ultra 4K Tool Box that provides conversion, generation and analysis of TV and Digital Cinema signals in formats up to 4096x2160/60. The Ultra 4K Tool Box allows conversion among formats, while SDI eye and jitter analysis features enables troubleshooting sources of signal error in signal paths up to 4K/60 on 12G-SDI single links.

Qligent Match PR2 now offers a LipSync Detection option.

Qligent Match PR2 now offers a LipSync Detection option.

QLIGENT will highlight its Vision A/V LipSync Detection software that provides an automated way to spot sync problems that may have occurred anywhere in the distribution domain. A new feature compares the audio portion of downstream video with its original “known good reference” to determine if the A/V is in sync or not.

PHABRIX will be at the show with its Qx 12G 4K video rasterizer that offers 12GSDI physical layer testing, the company’s “Real-time Eye” technology that highlights any SMPTE compliance issues, including eye under/overshoot.

ROHDE & SCHWARZ will demonstrate the latest enhancements and refinements to its ETL TV analyser, including support for HEVC and resolutions up to UHD. Also, the R&S ETL contains generators to create analog video signals, audio signals and MPEG-2 transport streams.


TEKTRONIX will spotlight SMPTE 2110 support for its PRISM real-time streaming analyzer that focuses on hybrid IP/SDI facility operations and maintenance. The company will also introduce new low-cost upgradeable signal generation capabilities for PRISM that will give customers more confidence when testing IP and 12G-SDI for hybrid.SDI networks. The company will also show its Sentry test set, now compatible with Amazon Web Services.

DVEO will feature its Q Mon HD ASI/4 DVB-ASI quad display and transport stream analyzer that provides comprehensive ETR 290 1/2/3 TS analysis, error logging and alarms, and transport stream recording.

NEVION will spotlight the Virtuoso TNS4200, a hardware tool for continuous monitoring of broadcast streams and signals monitors streams on IP/Ethernet and DVB-ASI.

TELESTREAM will highlight its IneoQuest IQ streaming analysis system that can measure video quality from the source, at the video player and at key points in between.

SENCORE will show the CMA 1820, a media analyzer for compressed video formats, including H.264 and HEVC.

VERIZON DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES will feature its monitoring services using Volicon Observer functions for Verizon’s streaming suppliers. These functions include monitoring and compliance services that look at streams in real time to log errors and ensure the streams meet applicable standards.


HITACHI-COMARK will display the QoS-1000 & QoS-1000RT ATSC monitoring systems, which can monitor the performance of any ATSC 1.0 transmitter or repeater site. Both models can be upgraded for ATSC 3.0.

Triveni StreamScope Portal II

Triveni StreamScope Portal II

TRIVENI DIGITAL will introduce StreamScope Portal II, which simplifies troubleshooting of DTV transport streams through its two-in-one hardware platform design, high-res touchscreen interface, advanced RF spectrum analysis capabilities, rules-based troubleshooting and ultraportability factor. The StreamScope Portal II can be upgraded with professional ATSC 3.0 analysis capability via StreamScope XM MT software. The company will also demo StreamScope MT-60 MPEG Analyzer with advanced RF capabilities that support RF input analysis.

TORQUE VIDEO SYSTEMS will show DVMon QAM, which provides integrated RF and MPEG-TS Quality-of-Service monitoring using two RF inputs with built-in demodulation and RF signal analysis, as well as two independent ASI output ports for monitoring.


What matters most to a production team when it comes to a monitor? Brightness? Small size? An easy-to-manipulate touchscreen? Those looking for an expanded range of preferences should be able to find them at this year’s NAB Show, from capacitive touchscreens, ultra-wide viewing angles and monitors that won’t strain the peepers as you view video outside under the glaring bright sun.

AEQ will show the LM9055 4K resolution broadcast monitors, available in 24 and 31 inches. The monitor series has recently been expanded to include a 55-inch monitor.

Denstron IPS TFT display

Denstron IPS TFT display

BOLAND COMMUNICATIONS will show the Value 4K monitor series with built-in quad multiviewer, a series of 2K/4K Series monitors, and the small format HD SDI series of monitors.

DENSITRON will showcase an 8-inch IPS TFT display that is available with a capacitive touchscreen option that offers 1600x480 resolution. The company will also show smaller models, including the 2.4-inch and 5-inch TVTs that include ultra-wide viewing angles, high contrast ratio IPS panels and sunlight-readable TFT displays.

JVCKENWOOD DT-X93HX2 ProHD dual 9-inch rack display monitor

JVCKENWOOD DT-X93HX2 ProHD dual 9-inch rack display monitor

JVCKENWOOD will feature the DT-X93HX2 ProHD dual 9-inch rack display monitor, which offers two 9-inch in-plane switching LCD panels with full HD resolution, LED backlight, 800:1 contrast and a wide viewing angle.

PLURA BROADCAST will showcase the SFP-217 IP Series, a field-upgradable 17-inch broadcast monitor with direct 3Gbps BNC I/O connectivity and coaxial SFP I/O connectivity. A larger model, the 21-inch SFP-221-IP, is a 1920x1080 resolution model with similar features. Add to that the 24-inch SFP-224-IP, with 1920x1200 resolution and optional PIPM.

SmallHD 502 Bright daylight viewable on-camera 5-inch monitor

SmallHD 502 Bright daylight viewable on-camera 5-inch monitor

SMALLHD will launch the 502 Bright, a new 5-inch bright daylight viewable monitor that features 1920x1080 resolution, 100 nits brightness, 441 pixels per inch, a machined aluminum chassis and a 9W power draw in a 9.4-ounce package. Also on display will be the 703703 Bolt director’s monitor, which offers a 7-inch HD color display with a built-in Teradek wireless receiver that allows the user to wander the set or location up to 300 feet. It features a 3000- nit display that is viewable in direct sunlight. An even smaller model—the FOCUS OLED 5-inch monitor, combines a 1920x1080p resolution, 350 nit screen with the wide color gamut of OLED technology.

SONY will highlight its PVM-X550, a 55-inch OLED display with 12-bit signal processing. The quad-view monitor allows customized individual display settings across four distinct views in HD. Sony will also have its flagship BVMX300 30-inch, 4K, OLED master monitor on display.

TRANSVIDEO will feature the Stargate FHD, a 7-inch HD monitor with built-in recorder.

TV LOGIC will show the 31.1-inch LUM-313G, a native 4K resolution (4096x2160) monitor that supports formats up to 4K/60p through single-link 12G-SDI, Quad 3G-SDI and HDMI 2.0. A second 31.1-inch model—the LUM-318G—is also a native 4K resolution monitor with maximum luminance of 850 nits, while the 43-inch LUM- 430M is a UHD/4K monitor with 3840x2160 UHC resolution, 10-bit driver and DCI-P3 color gamut support. Also new is the LEM-550M, a QC-grade HDR monitor for broadcast and post production with a 55-inch OLED panel with UHD resolution of 3840x2160. The company will also show the LVM-171S/ 241S monitors in17-inch and 24-inch models, featuring an IPS LCD panel, wide-gamut reproduction, enhanced contrast ratio and wide viewing angle.

WOHLER TECHNOLOGIES will feature the latest update to the iAM-VIDEO-2 monitor, adding MPEG2/H.264 in MPEG-2 transport stream-over-IP capability and a new responsive-touch interface that includes a streamlined UI.