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NAB Show Product Preview: Post


Production professionals looking to master their craft require editing solutions that are not only nimble and versatile but are able to bend the possibilities of “what’s next” in editing. The tools found on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the NAB Show are expected to address those feats, as well as offer features like multi-user draft sequences, data mirroring, audio sweetening and more.


will demonstrate how its suite of Adobe desktop and mobile tools operate in Creative Cloud. The solutions on display will include options for graphics, titling, color and asset sharing within Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Audition CC, Character Animator CC, Adobe Stock CC and Adobe Primetime CC.

ARVATO SYSTEMS will demo EditMate, which offers a collaborative editing capability through its production asset management system for multiple users separated by geography.

Avid MediaCentral

Avid MediaCentral

AVID will show a new panel for Media Composer within its MediaCentral production suite. The panel offers users an integrated MediaCentral panel within the Media Composer user interface, enabling users to see media outside of their active project as well as draft and drop assets from MediaCentral into any Media Composer project, bin or sequence.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 14

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 14

BLACKMAGIC DESIGN will demo new tools for the DaVinci Resolve 14 package, including a new playback engine; new automatic facial recognition features as part of the Resolve FX color option; new multi-user collaboration tools; and for the first time, a new audio component: new Fairlight audio post tools for recording, editing, mixing and sweeting master sound.

EVERTZ’ DC-LIVE-EDIT NLE can craft audio/video edits in-line on the original live record, allowing operators to distribute finished packages without long render times.

GRASS VALLEY will debut the latest version of its EDIUS video editing software, EDIUS Pro 9. The company will also highlight its new collaboration with Fairlight on its EDIUS 8.1 video editing software. Features include two new hardware control surfaces that incorporate Fairlight’s PYXIS video editing and mixing controllers into the EDIUS platform.

VSN will show WEDIT, a web-based video editing tool that integrates with the media processing management product VSNEXPLORER. It allows users to edit sequences by cut, to generate cut lists, to mark-in and markout segments with proxy frame accuracy and to edit from the interfaces timeline.


An explosion of choices—that’s the best way to explain the number and type of graphics creation technologies expected at the NAB Show. This year, attendees can expect to see 3D modeling and rendering solutions, high-end virtual set creations, fly-through map creation tool sets, augmented graphics and more painting and roto-scoping than a dozen digitally designed raptors could chase after.

AUTODESK will showcase solutions like Maya, its 3D animation, modeling and rendering solution and Arnold, the company’s illumination rendering system.

AVID will bring its suite of graphics tools to NAB, including Maestro | News on-air graphics suite; Maestro | Designer, a 2D/3D animated graphics creation system; Maestro | Virtual Set, which can be used to create high-end virtual environments; WorldMapper, a map creation toolset; and Maestro | AR, which allows for creation of 3D graphical objects.

AXEL TECHNOLOGY plans to showcase CG Live, a titling and CG solution that features animated backgrounds, movements and character and text effects.

BLACKMAGIC DESIGN will demo Fusion 9 Studio, a 2D and 3D compositing, VR and motion graphics software solution that offers paint, rotoscope, titling, animation and keying.

BORIS FX will showcase Mocha VR, which offers stereo 360-degree support for Adobe Immersive Video. The newest release (v5.6) adds a new workflow option allowing for stereo optimized planar tracking, masking, horizon stabilization and object-removal tools.

BRAINSTORM will showcase its InfinitySet all-in-one virtual set and 3D graphics solution, the Aston motion graphics creation/CG/playout system and SmartSet template-based playout solution that offers virtual set and augmented reality applications.

ChyronHego Paint telestration and analysis solution

ChyronHego Paint telestration and analysis solution

CHYRONHEGO will unveil PRIME 3.0, the newest version of its all-software graphics rendering engine, which includes integration with the CAMIO Universe graphics asset management system. Also new is the latest version of Live Compositor, which will be at the heart of a new all-software-based live studio production that the company will host at its booth. The live studio show will include virtual set and augmented graphics technology into a live presentation running via the all-software production workflow. The company will also show the Metacast weather graphics system; Click Effects PRIME, a graphics-authoring solution for live arena and stadium AV presentations; NewsTicker 5 branding solution; v7.4 of its Paint telestration and analysis solution with 4K support; Virtual Placement product line, which also includes support for 4K; and LyricX 3.2 graphics creation and playout solution.

CRYSTAL VISION plans to show its Safire 3 real-time SDI chroma keyer, which includes lighting compensation, color correction, framestore synchronizers and video delay. New features include enhanced control panel for improved live operation and color spill improvements.

DELTACAST SPORTS GRAPHICS plans to showcase virtual graphics creation systems such as DELTA-live, a CG that can also create augmented sequences for game analysis; DELTA-touch, an interactive graphics presentation tool; and DELTA-stat, a real-time graphics generation system for live sport broadcasts.

MAXON will show new features in its Cinema 4D Release 19, a 3D animation, graphics, VFX, visualization and rendering software application. The update offers support for Apple’s API Metal 2, and improvements to the rendering functionality in the Radeon ProRender.

NEWBLUEFX will feature Titler Live 3 Broadcast, which offers remote operation from a secondary machine, advanced playout actions and live updates, instant title search and native 4K resolution. Companion solutions include Titler Live 3 Sport and Titler Live Complete, which combines the company’s social media and sport programs into one.

PIXEL POWER will demonstrate its Clarity Graphics system, which offers CG, stillstore, video and audio clips, 2D/3D DVE and a downstream keyer in a single device. It will also show its BrandMaster branding switcher and graphics playout system.

RT SOFTWARE plans to showcase its tOG-VR virtual reality and augmented studio solution as well as its tOG 3D/2D graphics overlay solution.

VENTUZ TECHNOLOGY will show a suite of solutions for authoring and displaying real-time interactive graphics. Solutions include Ventuz Designer, a creation and authoring application that addresses animation, compositing and design. Also on tap: Ventuz VR capability.

VIZRT will showcase Viz Libero, a 3D virtual sports creation and analysis system that integrates with the company’s Viz Artist and Viz Engine solutions to create customized graphics.

WTVISION will showcase the newest version of Elections CG, a real-time graphics production for election night broadcasts. It imports data from multiple sources and can create realtime graphics in different formats: full-screen graphics, tickers or overlay graphics. The company will also show Studio CG, a solution that controls graphic engines.


FORECAST CONSOLES will introduce removeable, interchangeable turrets and options for its GCX and GCX-S product line. The S line offers electronic height adjustability at the touch of a button.

TBC Consoles Intellitrac

TBC Consoles Intellitrac

TBC CONSOLES will launch a new style of the company’s traditional full-base cabinet ControlTrac and IntelliTrac product lines designed to reduce equipment in the base structure under each operator while allowing for a variety of turrets for rack-mounted equipment above the countertop. The consoles are completely customizable and modular and include a rear aluminum trac for mounting a variety of accessories including articulating monitor arms. Also new is a height-adjustable SmartTrac Suite that includes an independently height-adjustable producer table, as well as a specialized TracWall v2 without base cabinets.

Susan Ashworth is the former editor of TV Technology. In addition to her work covering the broadcast television industry, she has served as editor of two housing finance magazines and written about topics as varied as education, radio, chess, music and sports. Outside of her life as a writer, she recently served as president of a local nonprofit organization supporting girls in baseball.