NAB Show Product Preview: Lenses

The quality of a video image is only as good as the weakest device in the video path. Lenses makers are busy in their R&D labs making sure it isn’t the lens that lets the photographers down.

CANON will showcase its new COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm Zoom Lens, a compact and lightweight 4K-ready lens constructed for optimal mobility. It is designed for filmmakers and documentary shooters who want the control and quality of cinema optics with the lightweight, compact design and features of photography lenses.

Cooke Optics Panchro/i Classic Prime Lens

Fuji MK18-55mm zoom lens

COOKE OPTICS will take a step back to the classic cinematographic look with its Cooke Panchro/i Classic Prime Lenses. The company noted a high demand for Cooke vintage Speed Panchro from 1920s–1960s, and is re-introducing the new Panchro/i Classics using the original design mounted for modern cameras: PL, Sony E and Micro 4/3. Also new from Cooke is its Anamorphic/i SF lenses, specially manufactured with a coating that allows for even more creative options. The SF stands for Special Flair because they allow kicking the flares, bokeh and other aberrations into new visual territory.

FUJINON will introduce its MK Series of cinema lenses with the compact and lightweight MK18-55mm and MK50-135mm zoom lenses. Designed for E-mount cameras, the lenses boast advanced optical performance as well as superb cost performance. The entire MK series is designed with the emerging cinematographer in mind, whether shooting a live event, online programming, documentary, corporate video, wedding, independent or short film production.

P+S TECHNIK will tout its lens rehousing service, where the company takes beloved but worn classic lenses and replaces the original mechanism and equips the lens with more durable parts at basically the same form factor. The stability of the whole mechanism is ensured, and the lenses are thus less prone to service. Rehousing is available for the Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar, Canon FD, Cooke Panchro, Kinoptik, Kowa Anamorphic & Prominar, Leica R, Lomo Spherical & Anamorphic, Schneider (Cine) Xenon, Zeiss MK I. The company will also demonstrate its Lens Checker, a small, compact and mobile tool to evaluate lenses by projection. It was designed to fit in a trolley case for easy transportation, while still offering the maximum options for lens evaluation of cine, stills and vintage lenses.

SCHNEIDER OPTICS will introduce its Xenon FF-Prime Cine-Tilt Lenses, which combine similar form factor and capabilities of the company’s FF-Primes with added tilt function up to ±4 degrees. By sustaining field of view during focus and tilt actions, the new Cine-Tilt design makes possible previously unimaginable images from the moving and tilting focus planes. The Circular True-Pol Polarization Filter lineup with a 3-stop and 4-stop filter in 4x4, 4x5.65, 6.6x6.6 and custom sizes will also be shown. They combine polarization and neutral density to deliver full color saturation while reducing unwanted glare and reflections.

SIGMA CORP. OF AMERICA will showcase its Cine High Speed Zoom Line, including 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2 zooms. The new line is compatible with the Super 35 image standard. Both lenses offer a constant aperture of T2 throughout the zoom range with superior optical performance for high-resolution 6K-8K shooting. The company will also present the Cine FF Zoom 24-35mm T2.2 FF, which is compatible with a full-frame image sensor, the FF Zoom’s outstanding optical performance supports 6K-8K shooting.

Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LW Z.3 21-100mm lens

CARL ZEISS will unveil the Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3 21-100mm lens, designed for use on short film, TV movie, commercial, corporate video, TV drama, soap or high-end documentary under the most difficult conditions. With a PL mount and focus markings in feet, the lens is optimized for digital cinematography whether on a DSLR or cinema camera and will cover image sensors sizes up to Super 35mm.