NAB Show NY: Roland to Feature V-60HD Production Switcher

LOS ANGELES—Appearing at the NAB Show New York, the Roland V-60HD plug-n-play production switcher simplifies setups and includes SDI inputs for camera sources and scaled HDMI inputs for data, computer, tablet and other video sources. The combination of audio features that include multichannel embedded audio, XLR and RCA analog inputs, de-embedded audio from digital SDI or HDMI sources plus a variety of video connections with a program and aux bus makes the V-60HD suitable for a variety of live event and production applications.

The V-60HD is portable and small enough to be used in multiple locations in an office or outside meeting location. The four SDI inputs and two HDMI inputs enable switching cameras and computers at the same time for dynamic presentations. The de-interlacer on the SDI inputs allows users to mix and match 1080i and 1080p SDI video sources without external converters.

The company says audio is easier to mix using the V-60HD’s auto mixing function that will automatically balance audio levels from multiple microphones and video sources freeing up the operator to focus on switching the video for the event.

Roland will be on the show floor in booth N350.

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