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NAB Show: Evertz Extends IP Expertise

LAS VEGAS—Evertz Microsystems has been helping the industry push IP technology deeper into its facilities for years, and the company’s booth and product introductions at this year’s NAB Show will continue to emphasize on this theme.

Mo Goyal

“The theme this year is to show how workflows can be redesigned and made more efficient when video and audio sources are treated as flows within facilities,” said Mo Goyal, director, product marketing at Evertz in Burlington, Ont. “With tools like our new 570iTXE universal on ramp IP gateways, uncompressed and compressed IP flows are generated for various workflows as content enters the facility. These media flow simply and unify a number of departments and operational workflows in any IP-based facility.”

The 570ITXE is a converged platform capable of receiving/decoding, normalizing and performing multiple encoding (H.264/JPEG2000) of all uncompressed and compressed streams coming into a facility.


Goyal said other IP-focused displays will include implementations of SMPTE 2110 in its current state; showing the use of NMOS IS-04 in MAGNUM, Evertz’ Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) orchestration and control system; and the use of big data analytics engine, inSITE, to monitor, troubleshoot, and find trends for future planning in an IP-based facility.

“Other highlights include the introduction of 25GbE interfaces for higher bandwidth links for uncompressed UHD and link consolidation, and virtualization, whether it’s on our FPGA-hardware accelerate evEDGE Compute Blade or for on/off premise servers, for elements in production all the way to playout and delivery,” Goyal said. Evertz will also highlight the 5700MSC-IP, an IP-based Grand Master Clock and Video Master Sync Generator ideal for timing IP-based video broadcast, production, and distribution facilities.

Last year Evertz had a display focused on the medium-term called the “Facility 2020.” It returns in 2017, and is based on the evEDGE software-defined computing and routing platform. This meets the needs of smaller facilities looking for a cost-effective way to migrate to IP, while enabling larger facilities to expand using a distributed environment.


Evertz DreamCatcher

DreamCatcher is Evertz’ IP-based replay system that combines the functionality of several traditional live production tools into a single interface. Two new DreamCatcher tools will be introduced at the show: DC-LIVE-EDIT, a video/audio editing tool that offers instant craft editing capabilities with render-free publishing; and DC-MG media gateway, a content management system that unlocks the full potential of a DreamCatcher network by enabling additional functionality, including using unused processing capacity to complete jobs at higher speeds and quickly transcoding large amounts of content. In 2016, Evertz’s DreamCatcher received an Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

For cloud-based playout, Evertz will showcase its OvertureRT LIVE VM, which offers broadcast facilities a cost-effective and scalable playout solution with deployment options that range from video appliances to private and public cloud VMs. The platform is adaptable for current and future master control applications and supports SD, HD, 3G and UHD applications.

Evertz will also demonstrate both Mediator-X and OvertureRT LIVE VM as virtualized services to provide cost-effective and secure playout facilities in the cloud.

For UHD and HDR, Evertz offers a comprehensive UHD and HDR series of products that enable acquisition, production and playout. Complete solutions in quad-link 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, and IP, enabling UHD (with HDR) are available. At NAB Evertz will showcase its 12G-SDI products that include 12G-SDI routing, distribution, and conversion.

For transport and remote production, Evertz will introduce two new media gateways for IP transport: the evRemote (evR) and 3606FR. These products simplify the introduction of remote production capability to venues, rental spaces, and trucks/OB.

Evertz will be in booth N1503.