Mediaproxy to Focus on Multiviewing, Next-Gen Software at IBC

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA—Mediaproxy, a provider of software-based broadcast and IP video solutions will be demonstrating its next generation of multiviewing and incident management solutions at IBC 2017. The flexible LogServer software suite includes a comprehensive toolset of applications for both desktop PCs and mobile devices, enabling broadcast monitoring, analysis and compliance all from one place. 

At IBC, Mediaproxy will highlight its innovative software approach to modern multiviewers by bringing interactivity to traditionally static environments. Empowering users, Monwall provides real-time interaction and customization of individual layouts to assist with isolating transmission events from any standard desktop PC and enabling rapid resolution of on-air incidents. 

Monwall multiviewer panels can be flexibly and instantly set up on demand for different types of workflows. Data and video panels can be dynamically adapted to cater for changing inputs including traditional broadcast sources and OTT streams.

“Whilst displays with static layouts and configurations have their place for presentation and transmission monitoring, being able to adapt quickly to changing workflows requires engineers and operators to become more agile,” said Erik Otto, CEO of Mediaproxy. “Increasing interactivity and flexibility is defining the next generation of multiviewing and incident management exemplified by our software-based approach to broadcast and IP monitoring.” 

Mediaproxy’s dedicated metadata panels can cover as much TS and OTT detail as necessary from anywhere across a content supply and delivery chain to ensure full compliancy and high-quality of service. Real-time visualization can include TS sections, ETR290 ASI priority events, OTT streams, closed captions, DVB subtitles, digital program insertion triggers and loudness. With Mediaproxy’s TSAnalyser software, section tree menus provide analysis of entire transport stream tables including identifiers and bandwidth usage.

For capturing and recording content for logging and compliance, Logserver covers a full range of input standards including DVB, ATSC, RTMP, HLS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, SDI, IP and SMPTE 2022-6. Supported television formats include SD, HD and 4K UHD. LogServer can be accessed from any browser via an HTML-5 client interface for content search, playback, reporting of incidents, SCTE-104/35/DTMF triggers and TS events. For OTT, Mediaproxy software provides real-time evaluation of encoder outputs against local edge streams across all profiles to ensure CDN service level agreements are met. 

The Aircheck mobile app is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and allows for real-time broadcast stream monitoring on iOS and Android devices. Showcased at IBC 2017, Aircheck also now includes a mobile multi-viewer. Aircheck offers broadcast engineers and executives access to master control functions from anywhere.