Matrox Video hosts `Live Production Unlimited: Making time with Matrox ORIGIN' at IBC Show

(Image credit: Matrox)

On Friday, September 15 Matrox Video is hosting Live Production Unlimited: Making Time with Matrox® ORIGIN at IBC 2023.

This seminar will take place in room G 106 at IBC and discuss how to make scalable, low-latency, and frame-accurate broadcast operations for tier-1 live content, while effectively overcoming the challenges of using software in live production.

Matrox ORIGIN is a brand-new media framework technology that enables:

Developers to create products and services that run on single hosts or distributed systems—be it on-premises or in the public cloud

Broadcasters and integrators to optimize on-premises resources while offloading peak demands to the cloud, migrating to the cloud at their own pace

Native interoperability so that broadcasters are free to choose their preferred solution

Register to attend the seminar here.

Jenny Priestley

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