Litepanels Inc. - Chris Marchitelli, VP Global Marketing

Q. Evaluate 3D one year after it was perhaps over-hyped by various industry types at IBC 2010—what is the reality settling down into?
There’s no arguing that the pace of 3D production has quickened, both in the motion picture industry and telecasts of sporting and entertainment events. The compact size and weight, low heat emission, and low power consumption of Litepanels LED lighting products makes it ideal for 3D production. The nature of 3D rigs can already present size, weight and set-up time issues, and we feel this presents great opportunities for Litepanels. Our lighting equipment is lightweight to transport, quick to deploy, and is so stingy in its use of electricity that it requires no heavy mains cabling or generators. And when on-rig lighting fixtures are required to enhance mobility or address space restrictions, LED lighting is an obvious solution. So there is no doubt we do see a trend in the simplification of 3D equipment and the streamlining of the 3D location production process.

Q. What broad technology trends do you think will be front-and-centre at IBC?
For a number of years there have been efforts by broadcasters to reduce their carbon footprint, and generally green their operations while still reducing their costs and quantifying the ROI on new capital investments. We feel there will be continued momentum in this direction, and that a number of vendors, ourselves included, will be introducing and highlighting products to help those broadcasters meet these social and economic responsibilities.

Q. What’s new that you will show at IBC and that broadcasters should look for there?
We’ll be showing the expansion of our Sola line with the unveiling of our Sola 4 LED Fresnel fixture. This is a smaller companion to our currently available Sola 6, and both deliver the same amount of light as similarly sized traditional Fresnel fixtures while drawing just 95 percent of the power and weighing one-third as much. We’ve also made some changes to our Sola ENG LED Fresnel fixture, with a newly included AC/DC adapter, a detachable D-Tap power cable, and stand adapter bracket for ease of mounting on either a camera or light stand.

And we’ll be showing a deliverable model of our H2 Hi-Output LED lights, which answers the need for an LED fixture capable of throwing illumination over a 6.1–7.6 M (20–25 foot) distance. We will also be happy to show station and studio owners how they can relight their facilities with Litepanels LED lights and get a return on their investment in the system in just a couple of years of energy savings.

Q. How is your new product offering different from what’s available on the market?
We’re happy to brag about the Litepanels LED light quality and proven reliability differences that separate our LED fixtures from our competitors. But those shopping for new lighting equipment can also look at the plethora of facilities, from networks to local affiliates, major sports event producers, governmental press briefing rooms and the like. These customers wanted the best, and they bought Litepanels.

Q. Where are you based, and how many employees do you have? Anything else we should know about your company?
Litepanels is a Vitec group brand located in Van Nuys, Calif. Vitec has about 2,000 employees. Litepanels was founded by lighting professionals who have a passion for delivering the best in lighting technology, and all of the products are designed and assembled made in the United States.

Q. How many years have you been going to the IBC show and what’s your fondest memory?
Litepanels has been going to IBC for six years. It is always exciting to see the new technology that is unveiled every year. It’s amazing to think how affordable and accessible professional-level equipment has become and how it has enabled content producers.