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Interra Systems Focusing on Quality Control, Monitoring and Classification at NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—Looking to provide assistance for the needs of video streamers, Interra System’s 2019 NAB Show presentations will include its BATON ABR QC and ORION-OTT platforms that help deliver high-quality streamed video, provide quality control and monitor VOD and live content from ingest to distribution.

Interra’s newest version of BATON supports WINNOW, the company’s system for content compliance, classification and identification. Among BATON’s new features are REST API support for test plans, tasks and reports, video compression scores, HDR quality checks, auto-scaling of BATON setup in Amazon cloud/on-premises, support for DRM techniques and enhanced audio language detection capabilities. There is also new format support for VAST, P2 package, encrypted DCP content, AVC-Intra, WebM and Vorbis.

Interra Systems' Orion Central Manager

Interra Systems' Orion Central Manager

The ORION-OTT platform, meanwhile, is designed to monitor multiple streams for ABR compliance as well as audio-video quality checks in real time. The system also supports closed captions, ad verification/compliance and DRMs on Windows and Linux operating systems.

In relation to ORION-OTT and the ORION, ORION Central Manager is also expected to be part of Interra’s booth and provides a real-time view of linear and OTT services, alerts and QoE information for each video.

New updates to Interra’s VEGA Media Analyzer will also be featured during the show. These updates include support for Windows 10, the latest HEVC HM reference code, HEVC-interlaced streams, VP9 streams (4:2:2, 4:4:4), PCAP streams, WebM, ALS Audio, Dolby AC-4 audio and AVS Plus video.

Interra will be located in the South Upper hall during the NAB Show at booth SU7605.

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