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IMT Going Wireless at CCW 2015

NEW YORK—Integrated Microwave Technologies is set to partake in CCW 2015, and will be bringing a number of its products to display, including the GL Fixed Link System, Newscaster DR3 and CRx6.

The RF Central GL Hybrid Broadcast/IP Fixed Link is a flexible hybrid broadcast/IP microwave fixed link available in all Part 74 and Part 101 microwave bands from 2 to 23 GHz. It can configured as either a traditional indoor system or a split system with the RF equipment housed in a separate weatherproof outdoor unit. It is available in more than four dozen different modules, has an MFR2 mainframe, and future updates will be backward compatible with existing systems. New features include the PWS/A and PWS/D redundant power supplies and versatile SFP/4 hitless switch and mux card.

Newscaster DR3

The Newscaster DR3 is IMT’s third-generation diversity receiver with updates that include a six-way MaxRC diversity, IP diversity, MPEG-2 andMPEG-4 decoding, a webpage interface and integration into IP networks; the receiver also features a built-in IP diversity receiver switch. Designed to work with Nucomm’s High Dynamic Range Block Down Converters to compensate for cable loss. The DR3 lets users daisy chain up to eight receivers and share the same set of antennas, as well as connect up to three externally loaded receivers via Ethernet for an IP diversity system.

A member of the Nucomm family of IP diversity receivers, the CRx6 is a COFDM six-way diversity receiver that offers RF performance and environmental durability for external use. It accepts the input from external antennas, without block-down converters and streams directly over and IP network to a DR3 or networked decoder. It has the option to receive up to four RF channels simultaneously. When used with IMT’s DR3, users can pair multiple CRx6 receivers together to expand coverage.

CCW 2015 will take place from Nov. 11-12 in New York. IMT will be located at booth 824. For more information, visit