IDX Launches High-Draw Lithium Ion Battery

(click thumbnail)IDX Technology Europe will be on hand to showcase the new ENDURA-10S HD, which has been designed to cope with the rigours of power-hungry HD environments by supporting sustained, high current loads. In addition to 92Wh of capacity, the E-10S HD can take a continuous current draw of up to 10A (110W) to satisfy the high-power consumption of high-definition cameras and broadcast equipment.

Utilising new lithium-ion cell technology, the E-10S HD unit weighs just 750g, even with its ability to manage the extra power. The package is complete with universal V-Mount connection and three power indicator LEDs located on the side of the unit for a quick-and-easy check on the state of the charge. When it comes to charging, the E-10S HD can be fully recharged quickly and safely using a sequential or simultaneous ENDURA charger. As with the entire ENDURA battery range, the E-10S HD is IATA compliant for unrestricted carry-on airline carriage.

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