IBC2018: Interra Systems to Showcase OTT File-Based Delivery Solutions

At IBC2018, Interra Systems will spotlight its Baton ABR and Orion-OTT solutions for delivering high-quality streamed video. Baton ABR and Orion-OTT perform quality control and monitoring for VOD content from ingest to NOC and other distribution points. The company says visitors will be able to see how Baton ABR’s checks at pre- and post-transcode stages, along with Orion-OTT's delivery-specific checks and features, assure QoE for every stream on every device. For live-event streaming, Orion-OTT offers a platform that can monitor a large number of streams for adaptive bitrate compliance along with audio-video quality checks in real time. The solution suite also supports closed captions, ad verification/compliance and DRMs.

Interra Systems’ OTT solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on premises, providing enhanced efficiency and flexibility for any workflow. When complemented by the company’s Orion system for real-time monitoring of IP-based infrastructures, Baton ABR and Orion-OTT provide broadcasters with a total solution for streaming superior-quality services. Orion looks at all aspects of video streams, such as QoS, QoE, closed captions, ad-insertion verification, reporting, and troubleshooting.

Interra Systems also will introduce Winnow, a machine-learning-driven add-on for its Baton QC solution. Enabled by artificial intelligence, Winnow offers broadcasters a compliance solution powered by machine-learning and computer vision technologies. The company says that integrated with Baton, this enhancement can be deployed in both cloud and on-premises environments. Relying on user-defined rule sets, Winnow checks compliance and identification of content against regulations in different countries, regions and organizations.

Baton also includes support for the VAST protocol, hybrid QC workflows, as well as enhanced support for HDR content and audio language-detection capabilities.

Demonstrations will be held in the Interra Systems’ Stand 7.C09. The IBC2018 show is Sept. 13–18, in Amsterdam. For more information or to register, visit www.ibc.org.

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