Good to Know: 5 Things About The LTO Program

The LTO Program, formed by technology provider companies Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM and Quantum, develops a scalable, adaptable open tape format created to address data protection and archive. The LTO-7 tape storage technology with the innovative Linear Tape File System (LTFS) makes managing your files easier than ever.

At Government Video Expo, The LTO Program will be joined by QStar Technologies, YoYotta and MT-C to show how LTFS can help manage your massive digital video files. Attendees can catch this special presentation on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. in the GV Expo Presentation Theater.

Good to Know: 5 Things About LTO Technology:

1.LTO-7 media offers up to 6 TB per cartridge native (up to 15 TB compressed).

2.LTO-7 drive transfer rate is up to 300 MBps native (up to 750 MBps compressed).

3.LTO media has up to 30 years shelf life, ideal for long-term data archiving.

4.The annual average Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) LTO tape scenario is estimated as a significant 85 percent savings compared with the disk system annual TCO.

5.With LTFS, accessing data on an LTO-7 tape cartridge is as easy and intuitive as using a USB flash drive.

LTO will be on the show floor in booth 138.