Good to Know: 5 Things About Quantum Corp.

Here are five things Quantum Corp. wants attendees to know about the company before heading to the Government Video Expo. Quantum will be on the show floor in booth 221.

1.In use and continually developed since 1998, the Quantum StorNext file system and data management platform is used in more media and entertainment facilities than any other open system SAN solution.

StorNext is one of the most popular high-performance file systems for a very good reason: Nothing comes close when it comes to predictable and tunable performance. Combine this with built-in tiering and unified namespace management, and you end up with a storage system that serves as the reliable platform on which to deploy today’s technologies and adapt to new ones in the future.

2.StorNext has been successfully tested delivering uncompressed 8K 10-bit DPX image streams.

The same StorNext file system that allows a small post-production house to support a pair of editors collaborating on editorial projects just completed one of the most grueling tests of performance to which any storage system has been subjected. The bit-rate of a single stream of uncompressed 8K is a staggering 24 Gbps. That’s the equivalent of a single-layer Blu-ray Disc every three seconds.

3.Quantum’s StorNext can automatically reduce the cost of storing and managing data by keeping content visible and accessible on disk, object storage, tape and cloud.

With an integrated policy manager and data mover, StorNext can automatically transfer content from high-performance primary storage to lower-cost disk, tape or cloud for archive and delivery. This maximizes available primary storage space without sacrificing visibility and access to content for users and applications.

4.Xcellis with StorNext can be set up with 100-percent NAS client connectivity.

StorNext has long been known as a fibre channel-based system, and recent enhancements to StorNext and to Ethernet infrastructure now allow an entire facility to run via NAS or DLC.

5.Quantum Xcellis scale-out storage powered by StorNext now supports VM-based application deployments through the Dynamic Application Environment.

In the latest advance in StorNext infrastructure, the Xcellis Workflow Director now supports applications running directly on the storage controller. This reduces the need for a separate server and the associated network components when deploying applications that benefit from proximity to storage. There are already more than 10 developers that have applications available on the Xcellis Dynamic Application Environment.