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DS Broadcast Launches New Encoder and Transcoder at SMPTE 2015

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.—DS Broadcast is using the floor of SMPTE 2015 to unveil its new encoder and transcoder systems, the BGE9000 and BGX2400. The BGE9000 is an encoder system that features 4K and Full-HD/HD encoding in real time, while the BGX2400 is a transcoder that utilizes a high quality up-conversion system.


The BGE9000 is designed with hybrid capabilities, receiving 4K Ultra HD signals from dedicated quad 3G-SDI port and outputs a compressed stream to two ASI ports or four Ether ports, while delivering high quality video using the HEVC codec. The system uses System-On-Chip technology.

The BGX2400 supports a variety of input container formats and video codecs, up-converts to 4K UHD video and then writes back to the specified output format. The transcoder uses a Self-Similarity based Super Resolution system. It also comes with HDMI 2.0 to test and check up-converted images.

Both the BGE9000 and BGX2400 are now available. SMPTE attendees can give them a look first hand at booth 210.