Digital Nirvana 2019 NAB Show Lineup Boasts MonitorIQ and Metadator

LAS VEGAS—Digital Nirvana has announced the products that it will be featuring at its booth for the 2019 NAB Show, it includes the MonitorIQ 6.0, Metadator 2.0, Caption Quality Check, a postproduction captioning service and the Closed Caption Synchronization system.

The MonitorIQ is a Linux-based system that provides signal and loudness monitoring, air-check logging, competitive analysis and content repurposing. It can automatically record and monitor linear and/or OTT streams and alerts for loss of video, audio or closed captions. Other features include live streaming and recording, SmartSearch, SmartAlerts and frame-accurate cut clip editing with an option for variable-speed playback. New to the platform is an updated user interface that features a built-in HTML5 player that eliminates the need to install Flash of ActiveX.

With the Metadator 2.0, Digital Nirvana offers a scalable SaaS platform that automates the process of metadata generation for production, pre-production and live content. The 2.0 version includes off-the-shelf integration with AVID Interplay for automated speech-to-text generation that simplifies the process of automated transcription and metadata generation and is capable of object identification, on-screen text recognition, shot-change recognition and explicit content detection.

Caption Quality Check is a newly launched product that is designed to help with producing closed captions for different distribution channels. Key features include reporting operational and technical non-conformance, automatic corrections, format conversion and frame-rate conversion. The system accepts different file formats and users can choose a combination of automatic and manual services for outputting and receiving publish-ready captions in the formats requested for distribution via various platforms, including OTT and VOD.

Then there is the Closed Caption Generation platform that offers postproduction captioning services and can take in video in a variety of formats and provide output caption files in multiple formats. Features include secure protocol implementation and speech-to-text integration. Users can also opt for caption files in multiple formats for the same video asset.

Rounding out Digital Nirvana’s captioning services is the Closed Caption Synchronization SaaS platform that automates the process of repurposing closed captions. The system can receive and deliver content in multiple input and output formats and is integrated with speech-to-text technology.

Digital Nirvana will be located at booth SU9807.

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