Crystal Vision Rolling Out New Software Apps for IBC 2019

AMSTERDAM—When it comes to production needs, Crystal Vision may just have an app for that now. The company plans to showcase a series of new software apps designed for its Marble-V1 media processor hardware that can offers services that include video delay, synchronization, color correction, IP to IP processing and gateways; different versions of the apps are available for those working in IP, SDI or mixed SDI/IP environment.



Eight of the apps that Crystal Vision is unveiling at the conference are video delays. They are available with different numbers of channels (single or dual) and delay lengths as well as SDI, IP or both SDI and IP connectivity; all include a framestore synchronizer. The Vivid1-IP and Vivid2-IP app offer IP connectivity with the apps handling single (Vivid1-IP) and dual (Vivid2-IP) channel IP video delay. Then there are the single-channel Vivid1-SDI and dual-channel Vivid2-SDI that introduce as SDI video delay to the Vision frame system while offering an upgrade path to IP. The remaining four apps (Vivid1-SDI-IP, Vivid2-SDI-IP, Vivid1-IP-SDI and Vivid2-IP-SDI) work in mixed SDI/IP environments. All these apps can match any 3Gb/s, HD or SD extended delay systems, while the single-channel versions provide 800 frames of video delay and the dual-channel provides 400 frames of video delay.

Crystal Vision will have eight other apps on display that are tasked with color correction, and like the video delay apps are available in single- or dual-channel and can work in IP, SDI or a mixed environment. The apps are COCO1-IP, COCO2-IP, COCO1-IP-SDI, COCO2-IP-SDI, COCO1-SDI-IP, COCO2-SDI-IP, COCO1-SDI and COCO2-SDI. All eight apps include RGB gain, RGB lift, YUV gain, YUV lift, video gain, chroma gain, chroma hue and overall and individual RGB gamma adjustment.

All of the apps that have IP connectivity work with SMPTE ST 2022 with future upgrade to ST 2110 video.

In addition to the apps, Crystal Vision will display its new Cleanit video and audio profanity delay system, which allows for up to 20 seconds of delay for live content, and the Safari 3 real-time chroma keyer that supports resolutions from SD to 1080p.

Crystal Vision will be located at stand 2.B59 during IBC 2019, which will run from Sept. 13-17 in Amsterdam.