Clear-Com Launches New Digital Intercom System at IBC 2015

ALAMEDA, CALIF.—As part of its presentation at IBC 2015, Clear-Com unveiled the DX410 Wireless Intercom system, a two-channel 2.4GHz digital wireless system. Among the features for the product are 7KHz wide band audio, all-in-one wireless headsets and lightweight beltpacks.

DX410 with BP410 and WH410

The latest in the DX series, in addition to 7KHz wide band audio, the DX410 also comes with an upgraded radio and a lost packet concealment capability. The DX410 features two-wire and four-wire bridging and two-wire auto-nulling. The bridging capability allows the option for combining the two-wire and four-wire ports together on channel A or B, allowing operators to use a four-wire to send all audio to a mixer, matrix intercom, or other audio source. Two-wire auto-nulling enables fast and accurate integration with Clear-Com or TW wired partyline systems.

Each DX410 base station can support up to 15 BP410 beltpacks and/or WH410 all-in-one headsets. In a single-channel operation, four beltpack users can engaging in simultaneous, full-duplex communication; it allows three users in dual-channel operation. In addition, the BP410 and WH410 offer extended battery life for up to 12 hours.

By operating in a 2.4GHz band, the DX410 does not require radio licensing for use. DX410 is a frequency hopping system and offers spectrum-friendly and Adaptive Frequency Hopping modes.

See the DX410 and all other Clear-Com products on display at booth 10.D29 at IBC 2015.