Best of Show Up Close: R&S

“Best of Show Up Close” is a series about nominees and winners in the annual Future Best of Show at NAB award program.

We spoke with Dr. Alexander Hackmann, product owner digital products with Rohde & Schwarz, about the Best of Show winner R&S

TVT:Cornelius Heinemann recently took over as R&S' new CEO, what are some things customers can expect with this new leadership?

Dr. Alexander Hackmann: The strategic orientation of Rohde & Schwarz Broadcast & Media is mainly based on two areas of core competence. With its unique expertise in broadcast equipment and high-efficiency power amplifiers, the company offers an industry-leading line of high-quality transmitter and amplifier products. Rohde & Schwarz also has comprehensive expertise in software-based signal processing, which it uses to develop market-leading solutions that are pioneering the transition to IT-based workflows in the media industry. Cornelius Heinemann will mainly further expand the business with the transition to digital products, like the shortly introduced R&S Monitoring as a Service solution.

TVT:Tell us about the R&S, what does it offer broadcasters?

AH: Constantly changing consumer behavior means broadcasters and OTT service providers have to adapt to new transmission paths. Permanent error monitoring and the resulting quality assurance, especially of audio and video data, are the key to high customer satisfaction. R&S is a cloud-based A/V OTT monitoring solution that broadcasters and content providers can deploy quickly and without dedicated hardware. An intuitive analysis dashboard displays the latest quality of service (QoS) data to respond to errors in real time. A flexible and scalable pricing model allows users to reduce investment costs (CAPEX) by ordering their individual monitoring services based on current requirements.

TVT:What is it about that separates it from similar offerings?

AH: There are several UPSs:

  • Flexible up and downscaling of monitoring resources
  • Subscription based sales model (three and 12 months) via webshop generates CAPEX savings
  • OTT and SMPTE 2110 end-to-end monitoring
  • Always up to date since this model allows our software engineering team to continuously develop R&S and keep users up to date with regular updates—even on mobile phones and tablets.

TVT:What does it cost? Is it shipping?

AH: It starts from the Silver package with one sensor and Live view and live status, but no analytics for three months for €750. The most expensive package is the Gold.Sensor with one sensor for 12 months including live view, live status and analytics for €3,750. You can order it on our homepage directly. After payment process you can set up an account.

TVT:What else should we know about or R&S in general?

AH: In live media delivery solutions, the consumer delivery path will inevitably include live production, management, distribution or contribution links. By combining virtual R&S probes with physical R&S PRISMON on-premise probe, much improved all IP end-to-end QoS data can be made available. Consequently, errors such as video or audio degradation, switching errors or poor CDN performance can all be detected by combining both tools, giving our customers a higher level of transparency and control over their whole delivery chain.

Another focus at Rohde & Schwarz at the moment is 5G Broadcast. As a part of the Bavarian research project “5G TODAY,” Rohde & Schwarz is investigating large-scale TV broadcasts in the FeMBMS mode over a HPHT 5G Broadcast field trial near Munich. Using high power high tower (HPHT) transmitters will allow broadcasters to distribute video over 5G networks with all the advantages of classic broadcasting like high-quality levels as known from HDTV broadcasting, low-latency live content as well as enormous spectrum efficiency and wide coverage. In this way broadcasters can bring in their valuable assets for efficient distribution of high-quality video into the future 5G ecosystem. Also content providers can profit from 5G Broadcast, because it offers a better Quality of Service and higher Quality of Experience when it comes to their customers.