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Aveco Demos ASTRA Studio 3 at SMPTE 2015

PRAGUE—Studio production automation and master control specialist Aveco has brought its ASTRA Studio 3 news production automation system to SMPTE 2015. This third-generation of the ASTRA system offers breaking news features that speed up time to air while also elevating production values.

ASTRA Studio 3

The ASTRA Studio 3 provides multi-studio production automation, allowing studios to combine major events and reassign projects to other studios if necessary while maintaining production settings. It also supports all types of playout configurations, including from the cloud, a box, or a rack. In addition, the ASTRA combines master control and news production into one system running on the same hardware and interfacing to both NRCS and traffic systems, simplifying a broadcast.

New features for the ASTRA Studio 3 include floating shots that assist in handling breaking news outside a planned rundown, and the ability to handle events across multiple stories. ASTRA Studio 3 MAM integration is also included to allow video search results to go to air instantly and integrate with multiple third-party MAMs. There is also a new Template Editor used to develop and modify story templates. Additional features include one-button release of CG control, an advanced mode for magazine and episodic studio recording, improved video search and local/remote preview capabilities.

Aveco will also show its Redwood Studio, a news studio-in-a-box system, and Redwood Play systems, which features advanced branding in integrated playout systems.

SMPTE 2015 is currently underway in Los Angeles. Attendees can find out more about Aveco’s offerings at its booth, 104.