Apantac Set to Launch KM Switch for openGear at NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—Part of the Apantac booth at the upcoming NAB Show will be the recently launched KM Switch that is specifically designed for the openGear platform.

As a hot swappable card for the openGear platform, the OG-KM card is designed to open up integration possibilities while simplifying system design and installation. With the KM Switch, users can control and switch between four or eight computers with a single keyboard and mouse, including an extended desktop from the same graphics card.

Since the new card is part of the openGear range, users can add multiviewers cards from Apantac and create a multiviewer with KVM functionality. Cards that can be combined with the OG-KM include OG-MiniDE-II cascadable HDMI multiviewer, OG-MiniQ cascadale SDI multiviewer, OG-MicroQ SDI quad-split and OG-Mini-DL-X-D cascadable HDMI + SDI quad-split.

Apantac will have the openGear KM Switch card at its booth, SL8006, during the 2019 NAB Show.