2016 HPA Tech Retreat Breaks Attendance Record

LOS ANGELES—Records are meant to be broken, and the HPA Tech Retreat has obliged that mantra. The Hollywood Professional Association—formerly known as the Hollywood Post Alliance—has announced that it broke attendance records at the 2016 edition of its annual Tech Retreat.

The HPA Tech Retreat measures its attendance a little differently than most conferences. The Tech Retreat limits its attendance to 650 people every year with the goal of setting a tone of connection and helping keep the information exchange lively, according to HPA. So the record is not that the event sold out, but rather that it sold out in advance of the event taking place.

The conference also made a number of other announcements that TV Technology previously covered, including the appointment of Seth Hallen as the new president of the organization; the announcement of a regional version of the Tech Retreat, with one scheduled to be held in the U.K. in July; and announcing the official transition from Hollywood Post Alliance to Hollywood Professional Association.

The organization has also unveiled the dates for the 2017 HPA Tech Retreat, which will take place from Feb. 20-24, 2017.

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