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Front Porch Digital rolls out DIVAdirector V5.1

Front Porch Digital has announced updates to its DIVAdirector media asset management system, a permission-based Web application that enables complete access to file-based content stored by DIVArchive CSM systems. DIVAdirector V5.1 contains new features that make it even easier for any media organization with a DIVArchive system to manage its digital files, especially if that organization is using the company’s new LYNXsmplatform for moving, archiving and online video publishing to the cloud.

DIVAdirector V5.1 is available as a cloud service or licensed locally. It offers enhanced integration with other components in the DIVASolutions product line, including SAMMA for content migration, DIVAnet for managing multiple DIVArchive systems across a WAN and DIVApublish mpxfor taking media to market.