Weather Channel Taps Accom For Video Effects

The Weather Channel has purchased two Accom Dveous/MX universal-format digital video effects systems.

Menlo Park, CA--The Weather Channel has purchased two Accom Dveous/MX universal-format digital video effects systems for use in separate production control rooms. The Weather Channel, based in Atlanta, GA, is a 24-hour weather network seen in over 87 million U.S. households.
"We are long-time Dveous users looking for a way to acquire current technology and options we lacked in our older systems as well as secure an upgrade path to high definition," said Michael Smereski, chief engineer. "Dveous/MX clearly was the choice for us since it provides the functionality and familiarity our operators are accustomed to. Currently we are continuing to work in standard definition and now with the upgrade path available to us in Dveous/MX, when the time comes for us to switch over to high definition, the migration will be extremely simple and no retraining necessary."
Smereski's team at the Weather Channel had existing effects that were built on their older Dveous systems. "It's amazing. We were able to take our existing effects from our older Dveous systems, dump them onto a floppy disk and plug them into the new Dveous/MX systems without any problem," he said.
The Weather Channel is planning to enhance the look of their shows with the new standard features available on Dveous/MX. In addition, they are able to stylize the three dimensional map look used on the morning show by implementing Orbital FX, blur, the color corrector, and a host of other standard features that were once options on Dveous.
Jim Barclay, production products marketing manager for Accom, said, "Dveous/MX is the perfect DVE system for The Weather Channel because of its known 24/7 reliability, its easy migration to high definition--when they are ready to go that route, and the fact that there is no learning curve. Also, with the new standard features on Dveous/MX, they now have a plethora of opportunity to create a vast amount of new effects which will provide an enriched look and feel to their various shows."