Vyvx Completes Second Phase Of HD Fiber Rollout

Tulsa, OK--Vyvx has completed the second phase of deployment for its HD VenueNet service, which is now available in 28 sports venues across the U.S. Fox Sports is using the Vyvx HD VenueNet service to carry live, 720p HDTV broadcast feeds from various stadiums across the country to the Fox Network Center in Los Angeles during the 2004 National Football League season.
The industry's first end-to-end fiber-optic network solution for transporting live high definition television over an MPLS infrastructure, HD VenueNet enables broadcasters to transmit live HDTV feeds at up to 270Mbps.
"The HD VenueNet service was launched in February and carried the HDTV backhaul of the Super Bowl. Since then, we have been working with our broadcast customers to expand it to the venues with the greatest need for highly reliable HDTV backhaul service with the quality and customer service that Vyvx provides," said Derek Smith, vice president of Vyvx. "In this case, we have expanded the service from our initial deployment of 14 football, basketball and baseball venues to include 14 new NFL venues in support of Fox Sports' plans for producing six NFL games in 720p HDTV each Sunday during the season."
"It was 10 years ago that Vyvx deployed its then revolutionary SD VenueNet service in support of Fox Sports' inaugural NFL season and we are thrilled that Vyvx has shown a continuing commitment to its heritage by deploying HD VenueNet service at this time," said Andrew G. Setos, president of engineering of the Fox Group.