Vizrt Adds NVIDIA Quadro To Viz|Engine 3D

Vizrt has teamed with NVIDIA to provide increased value and speed for realtime HD graphics production.

Bergen, Norway--Vizrt, a producer of realtime 3D graphics systems for TV, has teamed with NVIDIA to provide increased value and speed for realtime HD graphics production. By adding NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 and FX 4000 SDI professional graphics boards to its Viz|Engine 3D rendering solution, HD graphics may be produced in realtime on PC workstations, an option not previously available with Vizrt's viz|engine 3D rendering solution.
"More companies like Vizrt are leveraging professional graphics processing units to offload tasks that were often previously performed by proprietary black-box devices or other high-end systems, and with significant results," said Jeff Brown, general manager of professional graphics at NVIDIA. "Using NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics and a mainstream PC workstation, Vizrt made its powerful TV production engine more cost-effective, fast, and realtime HD capable than was previously possible with a proprietary and more expensive UNIX-based solution. We anticipate that TV producers will find this solution extremely attractive."
"Based on our testing, we believe this is the fastest AGP-based graphics board on the market," said Christian Huber, head of operations, Austria Vizrt. "Our customers need the speed and PC-based accessibility this solution provides. We're thrilled to provide it to them. We've succeeded in reducing the cost and increasing the speed involved with creating realtime 3D graphic elements in HD for live productions. The increased rendering power allows our customers to create more complex graphics with advanced pixel shading technology."
The NVIDIA boards replace Viz|Engine's current 3Dlabs' Wildcat 7110 card. Vizrt's high-end HD viz|engine rendering system will still utilize Panasonic's CGP-500 graphics card. The NVIDIA-enabled viz|engines are designed for users looking to create realistic HD graphics from a PC workstation.