Utah Scientific Announces Additions to UTAH-400 Router Family

At IBC2006, Utah Scientific unveiled the latest additions to its UTAH-400 family of digital routing switchers. The introductions include a new frame for large routers up to 288 x 288 with fully automatic internal crosspoint redundancy and a new set of multirate input/output modules that are capable of handling all data rates from 1 Mb/s up to 3 Gb/s, allowing facilities to route all digital video signals including the new 1080p format.

The new UTAH-400 288 frame offers the option of a redundant crosspoint module for the ultimate in service reliability in mission-critical applications for small, mid-sized, and large routing systems. The crosspoint redundancy of the UTAH-400, when combined with the Utah Scientific SC-4 control system’s unique monitoring and control facilities, provides the industry’s best solution for the most demanding operational requirements.

The new multirate cards offer a cost-effective solution for facilities that need a routing switcher that is fully HD-compatible—not just for today’s 1080i and 720p signal formats, but for the upcoming 1080p format that will require a full 3 Gb/s of bandwidth. The new cards are available for all UTAH-400 routers, in both new and existing installations.

The UTAH-400 was developed to provide a single platform for all digital routing applications and to handle all digital signal formats. It is available in configurations from 8 x 8 to 1,152 x 1,152 using a single family of matrix building blocks, and it features redundant power supplies, crosspoint cards, and controller cards. The UTAH-400 product line includes high definition and standard definition digital video switchers, digital audio switchers, and I/O adapter modules for analog signals and fiber optic signals.