TSN and TANDBERG Television Introduce Interactive Application for CFL

TSN, the Canada’s leading sports television network, has collaborated with TANDBERG Television to launch TSN Interactive, a new Web-based synchronized interactive television application. The application, sponsored by the Molson brewing company, is expected to enhance this season’s Canadian Football League programming by actively engaging viewers.

“This announcement marks a major step forward in sports for combined online/broadcast technology in Canada,” said Phil King, president, TSN. “TSN Interactive will directly enhance the television experience for CFL fans, allowing them to connect with the game—and each other—in a fun and competitive online environment.”

Viewers enter the TSN Interactive application and choose a team, gaining or losing points throughout the game as their chosen team scores or is penalized. Rivalries are encouraged and the viewers’ investment in the game enhanced when the outcome affects them directly. Facts and figures about the players will be made available as the game goes on.

The service also has a chat room feature, polls and offers trivia questions rewarded with points. Percentages of a personal score may be wagered on future events of the game, and there are two football mini-games, field goal kicking and quarterback passing plays. Molson branding is incorporated in the interface as well.

“TSN Interactive is a great example of how networks can incorporate interactivity into programming that dramatically enhances the television experience,” said Eric Cooney, president and CEO of Tandberg Television. “Viewers are already multi-tasking while viewing sports, often comparing online stats while watching the game on TV. This application will provide sports fans with a fully immersive and interactive environment to leverage that interest and engage them more deeply in the broadcast.”