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Thales’s U.S. Comms Business Expands, Changes Name

CLARKSBURG, MD.— Thales Communications has expanded the company and changed its name to Thales Defense & Security in order to reflect its recent acquisitions and intra-Thales mergers.

Two Thales businesses merged with Thales Communications – the navigation, surveillance and simulation segment of the Thales air traffic management organization, and the former Thales USA Defense and Security, both long-time partners of Thales Communications. They join Tampa Microwave, Visionix, and InterSense, the businesses acquired by Thales Communications during 2012. Tampa Microwave is the provider of a man-packable, tactical SATCOM terminals for high-bandwidth, voice, video, and data battlefield communications, and Visionix and InterSense are the developers of industry-leading helmet mounted display and motion tracking technologies.

“Our diversification within the defense, federal, and commercial markets is enabling us to broaden our technology base and increase our value to our customers,” said Michael Sheehan, president and CEO of Thales Defense & Security.

As part of the intra-Thales mergers, two other Thales businesses came under management control of Thales Communications, with no changes in their leadership – Thales e-Security, a provider of data protection solutions, and the Thales-DRS joint venture, Advanced Acoustic Concepts, a provider of advanced sonar systems.

Thales Defense & Security is a global company serving the defense, federal and commercial markets with solutions for the ground tactical, airborne and avionics, naval/maritime, public safety and security domains. In addition to mission-critical communication systems, the company provides air traffic management navigation, surveillance and simulation; helmet-mounted displays and motion tracking technologies; SATCOM terminals; advanced sonar systems; and data protection solutions.

Thales Defense & Security is a U.S. proxy company approved to work on the full spectrum of U.S. Government projects, supporting strategic partnerships in the development of key technologies for the defense market.