Teranex Xscan masters HD pan and scan

At NAB2003, Teranex will demonstrate Xscan, its HD mastering application with pan and scan functionality. Xscan is designed to increase productivity at post-production facilities doing real-time mastering of high- and standard-definition programming.

Xscan will be distributed as an upgrade via Teranex's Best Picture Always program-an upgrade path that future-proofs customers' platforms by continually delivering the latest imaging software.

Users of Xscan will be able to accurately define and capture standard-definition cut-outs from high-definition material on a frame-by-frame, scene-by-scene basis. During the conversion from HD to SD, a portion of the picture can be lost when a 4:3 SD image is cropped out of the 16:9 HD image. With Xscan, the user can focus the 4:3 SD image on the action and follow the elements of the picture that are important to the plot.

Xscan utilizes a proprietary multi-tap filter to provide sub-pixel accuracy. This ensures that pan and scan operations will have a natural, fluid motion whether performing linear or S-curve movements.

Teranex said the Xscan software upgrade would turn existing Xantus systems into an HD mastering platform, enabling users "to generate multiple SD formats from one HD master for quick and easy distribution to mediums such as VHS, DVD, and TV."

For more information visit www.teranex.com

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