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Televisa Uses Remote Edit Workflow at Olympics

Mexican Network, Televisa, has deployed Sienna's MediaVortex Media Globalization platform. The system links the twin Sienna infrastructures at Televisa's Mexico City HQ and the International Broadcast Centre at the London Olympics. MediaVortex spans the 6000 mile, 100Mb/s, 200ms latency connection with a fully managed UDP-based WAN acceleration layer for intelligent transfer of proxies recorded in London.

These proxies are used by editors and loggers in Mexico with their log entries and edits automatically sent back to London for conforming. Over the first 4 days of the Olympics around 600 hours of Proxy media has been propagated to Mexico.

By selecting the remote edit workflow, Televisa has reduced it's head count in London by more than half compared to Beijing, with the remainder working remotely from their desks in Mexico.