Telemetrics Enhances Popular PTZ Camera Control Panel With 3-Axis Control

Telemetrics, Inc. has introduced a new version of their popular CP-ITV Control Panel to meet the growing demands for a multi-camera controller for videoconferencing, distance learning, telejustice, telemedicine and video surveillance applications. The two new models, the CP-ITV3-D100 and the CP-ITV3-VC-C4, feature 3-Axis control for faster and easier camera movement and are designed for use with the popular PTZ cameras from Sony, Canon and Elmo.

“Visual electronic communication is more mainstream today because the advances in technology provide for more than just talking heads,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager of Telemetrics, Inc. “Our new control panels play on these improvements with advanced 3-Axis camera control operation that deliver enhanced functionality and value.”

The Telemetrics desktop CP-ITV3-D100 Control Panel is designed for use with the Sony and Elmo PTZ cameras and the CP-ITV3-VC-C4 Control Panel with the Canon PTZ cameras. Both Control Panels will control up to 4 cameras using a proportional rate joystick for smooth and simultaneous control of the pan, tilt and zoom functions. This is accomplished with a new joystick design that provides X-Y control of camera pan/tilt devices with the addition of a rotating dial on the top of the joystick for zoom control. The new design also provides pushbuttons to control the vertical height adjustment of Telemetrics’ Telepod Motorized Camera Pedestal.

For added operational convenience, on each of the four cameras six memorized presets, including pan, tilt, zoom and focus positions, can be recalled for frequently used settings. The unit provides interaction with local/remote panels connected via RS-232 to allow camera control from multiple locations. Options are available for moderator/attendee call shot switches and for RS-232 control of an external video switcher.