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Roundbox Acquires Jacked Internet Technology

Roundbox, a Florham Park, N.J.-based mobile broadcast software company, recently announced that it has acquired Jacked Inc.’s intellectual property and technology. Jacked Inc. is a developer of real-time broadcast-synchronized data services for delivery of Web context synchronized with live television.

“The acquisition of the Jacked product portfolio is key to Roundbox’s strategy to expand our momentum in mobile broadcast,” said Dennis Specht, Roundbox’s co-founder and CEO. “By complementing broadcast video with information-rich, tightly synchronized interactive media, information, and applications, Jacked has revolutionized the way people will experience TV. This acquisition will take Roundbox to the next level as the company develops new mobile broadcast offerings and drives the next generation of mobile entertainment and communication experiences.”

The acquisition provides Roundbox with Jacked’s customizable “second screen” experience, which allows viewers real-time access to Web-based news, information, sporting events and more.

A year ago, Roundbox struck a deal with Harris Broadcast to integrate the Roundbox Broadcast Server into the Harris ATSC Mobile DTV broadcast system.