Philips to Release Widescreen 3DTV

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS: Philips will be releasing its new ultra widescreen 3DTV this month in the United Kingdom, according to reports. The Philips 58PFL9955H Cinema 21:9 Platinum 3D TV offers CinemaScope viewing in 3D with active shutter glasses.

The set is said to have a contrast ratio of 10 million-to-one and a refresh rate of 400 Hz, with 2,000 LEDs lighting up the 58-inch screen. It comes with a built-in 3D transmitter for the shutter glasses, and includes Internet connectivity and a Web browser aimed at Philips Net TV. The Cinema 21:9 Platinum is reported to be priced at a hefty £3,999 (US$6,442), without the glasses, which cost extra.