Phenix Debuts Low-Latency Bitrate Technology at IBC2018

AMSTERDAM-- Phenix, a global end-to-end real-time video solutions provider, recently showcased its new solution that offers half-second latency for live video streaming at IBC2018 in Amsterdam. The new adaptive bitrate technology features a real-time transcoding engine that creates multiple bitrate renditions within a single stream and is maximized when multiple viewers are watching content through a single stream simultaneously.

“Adaptive bitrate solutions are a requirement in the real-time market, yet it’s still surprisingly uncommon,” said Bill Wishon, chief product officer at Phenix. “It’s like the ‘Goldilocks’ scenario where it fits the individual user’s needs just right. By adding adaptive bitrate to our platform, we’re making it possible to achieve a true real-time viewing experience at the best quality – especially important in industries where lag time is not an option, like sports, esports, sports betting, and auctions. This is the future of real-time streaming and it’s going to take the industry by storm as viewers become more demanding and aware of the level of latency and quality they should be receiving.”

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