Phabrix Unveils Two New Rasterizers

Phabrix unveiled at its NAB Show press conference two products engineers can use to "personalize" their systems for different broadcast environments.

The Rx 1000 1RU and the Rx 500 half-rack rasterizer allow broadcasters to add analyzers, generators, Dolby and even talk of ASI decode, according to the company. In addition, the units provide users the ability to output instruments using an SDI or HDMI output at 1920x1080 resolution across the range.

The two new rasterizers were the next development from the Phabrix Rx 2000 2U, a 2RU dual-screen test and measurement solution, according to Paul Nicholls, Phabrix sales and marketing manager. The Rx 2000 has the ability to add up to eight independent analyzers to a system. "All modules fit into this product," including analyzers and duel input single instruments," he said.

The Rx 2000 technology has resulted in the Rx 1000 and the Rx 500, said Nicholls. "Each of them share a common technology."

The Rx 500 can take two modules, and the Rx 1000 can fit four modules. Those products provide users "with a whole series of graphical reports," said Nicholls. They are "full-resolution, scalable instruments that support 3G, on this small form factor." © 2011 NAB