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PESA and Snell & Wilcox Link Switchers

In a move to give broadcasters greater control over video inputs during live production, PESA and Snell & Wilcox announced a new interface linking the PESA 3500PRO router control system and the Snell & Wilcox Kahuna SD/HD production switcher. The interface streamlines operations by allowing the technical director in the production control room to access any input of PESA's Cheetah multirate video router directly from the Kahuna control surface.

"Production of breaking news and live sporting events requires an unusual amount of flexibility, and any technological innovation that offers the TD greater versatility can be critical in dealing with the unpredictable," said Joe Zaller, vice president of marketing and product management at Snell & Wilcox. "The close combination of the Kahuna and Cheetah systems ensures excellent performance while allowing the production switcher operator to access a broad range of signals through a simple, one-step process."

The interface between the Kahuna production switcher and the PESA 3500PRO control software, which in turn is connected to the PESA Cheetah router, gives the Kahuna operator direct control over Cheetah inputs. Router source names are transferred over to the production switcher control panel, and a physical connection between the Kahuna processing unit and the Cheetah router allows for the passage of video in either SDI or HD-SDI format.

The fast and direct access delivered by the new interface eliminates time-consuming pre-selection of sources on multiple router control panels, instead allowing the TD to focus on a single control surface and manage all available sources much more simply.

"A production switcher can accommodate about 60 to 70 sources wired directly to it, while a routing switcher can handle several hundred such signals. The interface we developed in partnership with Snell & Wilcox enables Kahuna and Cheetah users to leverage the capabilities of both systems more effectively," said Bob McAlpine, senior vice president of sales and marketing at PESA. "The seamless integration of these best-of-breed solutions gives users the unique ability to change sources quickly directly from the production switcher's control panel -- a significant workflow improvement that enables more efficient, accurate, and dynamic live broadcasts."