Panasonic and Quantel announce new collaboration

Panasonic and Qunatel are working together to offer compatibility between Panasonic’s DVCPRO Professional Plug-in (“P2”) solid-state memory-based professional video products and Quantel’s generationQ editing and server systems.

Seamless interoperability between these products will expand the opportunities for customers to benefit from the more efficient and less expensive workflow of tapeless acquisition and editing.

Quantel’s editing and server products are part of generationQ - a new concept that offers total scalability of both hardware and software across post production, graphics and broadcast for multiple resolution and team-working production environments.

The reduced operating cost of the DVCPRO P2 series provides compelling economic advantages. It eliminates maintenance because there are no mechanisms, optical disc, hard disk drive, or tape deck. P2 products also offer the toughness and reliability needed for news gathering in extreme conditions, such as intense cold, high humidity, rain, dust or snow, vibration or repetitive shock. The new P2 workflow brings greater productivity because the P2 card mounts immediately on the news editing system. Because it uses solid-state memory, a P2 card allows literally tens of thousands of data rewrites with no degradation.

The P2 card is based on SD Memory Card technologies. The high-speed data transfer feature of the P2 card makes HD recording and playback possible. As higher-capacity SD Memory Cards become available, HD compatible DVCPRO P2 equipment will be developed.

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