Oregon3D Announces Urban Simulation Course

Portland, OR--Oregon3D, the Academy for Digital Arts & Sciences, has announced its Intro to Urban Simulation course. Scheduled for September 14, 2004, this one-day course offers an introduction to the field of urban simulation and is aimed at students seeking a general overview for a broad range of projects in entertainment, business and government.
Urban Simulation is used for special effects, game development, architectural fly-throughs, virtual sets, city and transportation planning, and homeland defense. Utilizing Oregon3D's Viz Room One, the region's only state-of-the-art visualization center, the Intro to Urban Simulation course will include numerous real-world examples of this technology and familiarize students with the tools and methods used in urban simulation.
"Oregon3D is the only facility in the region to offer this type of class on urban simulation," said Aaron Boonshoft, founder and CEO of Oregon3D. "It's exciting to offer courses on cutting edge technology that has so many possible applications. We think the insights in this course will be of interest to a wide spectrum of people, from game developers to government officials."
The Oregon3D Intro to Urban Simulation Course will cover theory and methodology pertaining to urban simulation including imagery sources and manipulation, terrain models, coordinate systems, GIS vs. simulation, texture mapping, scenegraph optimization, Level of Detail (LOD), hardware for urban simulation, and displays for urban simulation. Students will be exposed to a variety of software, data and display technologies, including VRML, Autocad, ESRI, Multigen, 3ds max, Global Mapper, Photoshop/Gimp, Mok 3, Open EV, and OpenSceneGraph. This course also includes a two-day pass for Oregon3D's Lab program, which will allow students to spend extra time working individually on projects and tools that are of most interest.
The Oregon3D Intro to Urban Simulation course is scheduled for Tuesday,
Septemer 14, 2004, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Oregon3D's training facility, 735 SW 20th Place, Suite 230, Portland, OR, and is priced at $195.
Oregon3D also plans to offer a more advanced Urban Simulation Course in the winter 2004/2005. For class registration and additional information visit the Oregon3D web site at www.oregon3d.com or contact Oregon3D at its toll-free number, 866-626-9100.