OmniBus Systems Receives Award for Excellence

OmniBus Systems was honored with the IAMB Peter Wayne Recognition of Excellence Award at IBC2006 for the company's achievements in iTX intelligent transmission software.

The iTX intelligent transmission software replicates functions of a master control environment, with a very high level of sophistication. The technology allows small and medium sized broadcast operations to migrate from a traditional hardware-based master control operation to a software-based environment.

"Recognition of excellence granted by your peers is among the greatest compliments given, and we're honored that the technology and functionality of iTX received this prestigious and very meaningful award," said Ian Fletcher, CTO for OmniBus Systems. "iTX offers broadcasters and media companies a new way of launching channels or additional services without the costs associated with traditional broadcast infrastructures. It's already changing the industry's approach to the way television channels are originated."

Fletcher accepted the award at a Sept. 9 ceremony.

The iTX product emulates the functionality of video server, master control, graphics and logo insertion. It provides automation capabilities including ingest, editing and basic content management. MPEG-1 through MPEG-4 formats, along with AVI, DV and WMV can all be freely intermixed and the system can scale incoming media of any resolution, allowing SD and HD content to be accommodated on the same playlist.