OmniBus Systems NAB2007 Preview


OmniBus iTX 1.2
OmniBus iTX is a revolutionary and category-defying product that replaces all of the functions of a broadcast master control and playout chain in a single software application. Powerful and fully featured for both SD and HD environments, iTX combines standard IT hardware and sophisticated software to significantly reduce the investment required to launch and operate a channel, without compromising production values.

At NAB2007, OmniBus will be showing how iTX can be used as a cost-effective and extremely flexible news production system, handling both playout and sophisticated ingest and editing operations. Version 1.2's new features include advanced 3D graphics options that deliver outstanding creative capabilities for news and live graphics transmission applications.

iTX will also deliver a range of new features including multiple audio tracks for multi-language applications, open and closed captions, HD ingest, MXF and GXF support, and live instant playback for news, sports, and entertainment programs.

OmniBus OPUS 2
OPUS 2 delivers unmatched capabilities for the end-to-end content process, including "soft-XML" support for customized logging and annotation, frame-accurate proxy generation and viewing, full-text indexing and searching, seamless integration with production editing systems like Avid and Final Cut Pro, and standardized web services data exchange with adjacent systems. Designed to move the content process from specialized hardware to your standard IT platform, the OPUS 2 Smart Client provides access from both Windows and Mac desktops.


OmniBus OPUS News & Sports Logging
OmniBus OPUS Sports & News Logging solution is an integrated set of tools that enables rapid and intuitive logging of live and recorded events. With fast one-button-press news logging using configurable events buttons, and intuitive on-screen control of live and prerecorded feeds, OmniBus OPUS Sports & News Logging provides all the tools for critical news logging functions as the event is happening. The product includes robust capabilities for recalling, sorting, and accessing content across multiple systems.

OmniBus Systems will be located at Booth SU5413.