NewBay Media Hires Sales Rep for Latin America

NewBay Media announced it has hired Susana Saibene as a Contract Sales Representative for its advertising efforts in Latin America.

Saibene — who is originally from Argentina and is based in Almería, Spain — is now responsible for advertising sales in Latin America for all NewBay Media magazines, especially for all print and online versions of Radio World and TV Technology.

Saibene started in media 30 years ago as a salesperson for different publishing houses in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her eagerness to work in media drove Saibene to educate herself in the profession. She graduated as a Social Communicator from the Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, where she also acquired a Master's Degree in Communication.

Subsequently, radio would have a major impact in her career encouraging her to have a more active role in radio and television. Saibene worked in sales for Radio El Mundo and FM Horizonte in Buenos Aires. She was also Program Producer for Radio Splendid and Radio Cultura, also in Buenos Aires.

Simultaneously, Saibene participated as a well-known Sales Rep for Canal 10 of Junín, Province of Buenos Aires, and she collaborated independently for Canal 13, also from Buenos Aires. In this city she was also Director of Saibene Communications, her own media marketing company.

Later, Saibene worked as a radio producer and host of Tiempo de Boleros (Bolero Time), a well-known radio show about the music, the artists and the history of boleros that used to broadcast in Argentina and Spain. Today Tiempo de Boleros is heard online internationally though its Web address.

In Spain, Saibene became Commercial Director for Candil Radio and Radio Andarax, and she also was responsible for serving as Emotional Coach and Corporate Image Consultant. Saibene now comes back full circle to print as well as online media.

“I am truly grateful to share my professional life and work with Radio World and TV Tech as a sales rep for Latin America”, said Saibene, adding she is excited to contribute to the development of NewBay Media’s advertising efforts in Latin America. “The sum of my professional experience tells me that objectives are achieved only with effort, courage and a positive attitude toward what one wants to achieve.”

For information on advertising in TV Technology/Radio World from Latin America, contact Susana Saibene in Spain at: +34-607-31-40-71 or by email: