NAB 2016: ChyronHego Brings Out New LyricX Release

LAS VEGAS—ChyronHego is bring out a new version of its LyricX graphics creation and playout technology at this year’s NAB Show. It builds on the established Lyric platform, which has16,000 installations worldwide, according toJohan Apel, president and CEO of ChyronHego

“LyricX presents a robust new framework with which to develop next-generation capabilities to meet our customers’ increasing performance demands,” he said.

A central component of LyricX is an all-new keyboard and control surface that exposes all familiar Lyric functions and offers programmable LCD keys that can be completely configured for any use case. With the revamped user interface in LyricX, users can configure screens for specific programs, such as news shows, and they can easily switch between these individual environments.

LyricX is a fundamental element in the Camio Universe software-based newsroom production ecosystem. Camio Universe is driven by Camio 4.2, slated for release in Q3 of 2016. With version 4.2, newsrooms will be able to leverage the speed improvements of LyricX. With the Camio Universe, the greater ChyronHego family of products will emulate Lyric’s template-based tools and playout control, including the company’s Hybrid virtual graphics solution, Metacast weather graphics generation tool, PowerClips multi-format production clip server, and GS2 Multi-Touch touchscreen generation platform.

ChyronHego will showcase LyricX working in tandem with the company’s Channel Box Prime 64-bit channel branding system, in booth SL1210.

The vendor also noted that it was tapped by NBC Olympics for graphics. NBC Olympics will use Lyric PRO graphics technology running on the Mosaic XL platform to provide on-air graphics for the games, which take place in Rio de Janeiro Aug. 5–21. NBC Olympics will be deploying the Lyric PRO software on 12 Mosaic XL systems for the creation and on-air playback of fast and on-the-fly data-driven graphics, during its presentation of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The company also announced the sale of 17 tracking analysis and virtual graphics systems to Swedish horse race broadcaster, Kanal 75.Each system combines ChyronHego’s ZXY sports analysis product, its Virtual Placement tool, and its GS2 graphics engine. The project is the first for ChyronHego’s ZXY technology outside of soccer and one of the largest of its kind in the world of horse racing.

The systems, which are set to be installed at 17 Swedish Trotting Federation tracks by the summer, rely on ChyronHego’s ZXY transponder-based player tracking and analysis technology. ZXY tracks the position of all of the horses and analyzes data about each one, such as its path around the track, speed and efficiency when running the route, distance from one horse to another, acceleration, and more. ZXY also applies behavioral algorithms that can predict, for example, when a horse is about to go into a gallop, which is prohibited in harness racing.

From there ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement system and GS2 graphics engine make it possible to translate that data into virtual graphics that are in harmony with the action on the screen, such as live marking horses within the broadcast; tracing a particular horse’s path around the track; or displaying names, times, positions, statistics, and sponsor logos. These on-screen graphics bring ZXY’s analysis to life for viewers, creating a better media product that supplies critical data for more informed, more strategic betting.

At this point the system is intended to benefit the viewers, but all data is being saved so that one day racing teams might use it to help identify adjustments that could improve their performance, just as many coaches and players do now.