Linear Acoustic Plans DTV Audio Awareness Tour

Linear Acoustic, a supplier of equipment for managing multichannel and loudness issues associated with digital audio, is launching a cross-country tour to address misconceptions that broadcasters might have about audio processing.

“DTV Audio Myth Busters Tour” is the official name for the educational program and is slated to kick-off with a stop on June 17 in Cleveland, Ohio. The informational session will be presented in other cities at local Society of Broadcast Engineers meetings.

According to Linear Acoustic president and founder, Tim Carroll, many television stations not equipped for proper processing of digital audio aren’t endearing themselves to their viewing audiences.

“Broadcast stations without sufficient audio processing capabilities are being overwhelmed by viewer complaints about the quality of DTV audio,” Carroll said. “It’s not enough just to address loudness issues; maintaining a satisfied viewer base requires an efficient and effective solution for handling all key aspects of audio. We’re using this tour to bust myths about working with DTV audio and to demonstrate comprehensive yet easy-to-use solutions that allow broadcasters to provide the superior audio experience that DTV viewers demand.”

Complete information about the tour, including locations and dates is available online at the Myth Busters Tour Web site. The company is headquartered in Lancaster, Pa.