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Leitch unveils new "Live Non-Linear Multi-Camera Editing" with VelocityQ

Leitch Technology has developed a new solution for multi-camera editing based on the VelocityQ nonlinear editing system.

VelocityQ's "Live Non-Linear Multi-Camera Editing" paradigm combines VelocityQ's fully integrated, full-quality multi-camera editing capabilities with the ability to simultaneously edit and record from multiple input sources. Multi-camera programs can be edited interactively from the live input feeds, which are also recorded separately to disk. The editor can then make further edits and refinements to the program - including moving and changing edit points between camera angles - after the initial live edit is completed.

Each live input source is captured by a dedicated ingest station. These ingest stations, running the Leitch QIngest software on the same Quattrus hardware used by VelocityQ, record the live feeds to a shared storage area network. A complete VelocityQ editing system, also utilizing the same shared storage, can begin editing these sources immediately, even as they are still being recorded.

Using VelocityQ's multi-camera editing functionality, up to four sources can be switched interactively as they are viewed simultaneously in real time. Once recording is complete, edit points can be changed or refined before applying them to VelocityQ's timeline with cuts or transitions. As the complete source material from each camera has been recorded, further editing can be performed in the timeline.

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