Leitch releases dpsQuattrus OEM Resource CD

Leitch has released the dpsQuattrus OEM Resource CD. The CD is available free to qualified OEM developers.

The dpsQuattrus OEM Resource CD provides an overview and technical information for dpsQuattrus from a development standpoint. The CD includes block diagrams, API information, sample source code and the dpsQuattrus OEM guide, which outlines key features and benefits, answers frequently asked questions and provides information about the dpsQuattrus SDK.

The dpsQuattrus digital disk recorder hardware features uncompressed and compressed video, with real-time playback of four video streams and six graphics streams. The optional Q3DX4 quad-DVE daughtercard adds four channels of simultaneous real-time 3D DVE effects. It combines all of this real-time power with flexible professional video I/O, video mixing and keying, multi-channel audio mixing, video alpha channel support, live video processing, support for shared network and system-based storage and an integrated Ultra160 SCSI-3 disk controller, all on a single PCI card that requires just one IRQ.

For more information visit www.leitch.com/oem.

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