Leader to showcase CINELITE technology at Hands on HD conference

Leader’s CINELITE will be demonstrated to at Hands on HD, in Hannover, Germany, July 30 to August 5. Established seven years ago, the event is a respected television production workshop.

CINELITE is a new option for the company’s LV5700A, LV5750 and LV5800 digital test instruments that enables content producers to determine optimal camera exposure settings much more precisely than is possible with a traditional luminance meter. By detecting the actual signal levels captured during preshoot line-up rather merely displaying local light intensity, CINELITE allows a camera's full dynamic range to be used.

When a camera is connected via SDI cable or digitizing interface to the Leader test instrument, the actual picture can be displayed on a 1024 x 768 pixel TFT LCD screen. Hairline cursors can then be used to select the brightest and darkest points in the scene. By pressing a button, CINELITE displays the optimal exposure setting either as an f-stop or, if preferred, as a percentage value. When incorporated into the recently-announced Leader LV5800, four different points of interest on a live feed can be monitored simultaneously.

For more information, visit www.elquip.com.