Leader LV5800 Dual Link Broadcast Signal Analyzer Introduced to Europe

Leader has announced a major new addition to its range of compact test instruments. The LV5800 modular multi-monitor platform enables broadcasters and facility supervisors to define a Dual Link SDI/HD-SDI signal analyzer that meets their current requirements while allowing easy future expansion.

Paul Vos, Managing Director of elQuip BV (European Master Distributor for Leader Electronics Corporation) explains:

"The LV5800 is not just a product but a versatile platform capable of supporting a wide range of modules. The modular concept proved very successful when introduced with the Leader LT443D multi-format video generator back in 2003; this is the first time it has been applied to the LV5000 series. Operationally, the LV5800 retains the intuitive user interface that has proved so popular in the LV5700 and LV5750.

"Twin auto-detecting inputs make the LV5800 compliant with all HD-SDI and SD-SDI standards, including 1080p/50 via Dual Link. With content producers now increasingly adopting 1080p/50 for mastering, Leader has included Dual Link support as a standard feature of the LV5800. True Dual Link support has hitherto been a rare feature in waveform monitors though Leader already offered it as an option for the LV5700. Taking in uncompressed 1080p/50 on a single 3 gigabit/s cable is like trying to quench your thirst from a fireman's high-pressure water hose! Dual Link delivers the data as two parallel 1.5 gigabit/s streams, which are much easier to process.

"The LV5800 is the first instrument in the LV5000 series enabling four SDI or HD-SDI sources to be viewed simultaneously. That means considerable saving in the time required to compare incoming signal feeds and greatly simplifies the task of identifying a defective signal or channel.

"A detachable front panel including a high quality 1024 x 768 pixel XGA display can be mounted in practically zero-depth locations that would be impossible for traditional instruments, such as directly to the hull of a mobile production vehicle or on the back of a camera. This feature eliminates the need for an entire rack to be located behind the mounting surface. Screens and information shown on the display can optionally be output to any compatible XGA monitor.

"Storing user presets is really easy with the LV5800 as you can literally carry settings around on your key ring. Where earlier models required a Compact Flash card, now a standard USB memory can be used to capture screen images, configuration settings and software/firmware updates. This all adds up to a uniquely powerful instrument."

Automatic signal detection enables the LV5800 to sense the input format, colorimetry and black burst or tri-level external reference input. Monitoring functions include waveform (YCbCr, YRGB, YGBR, GBR or RGB), vector (75% or 100% electronic graticule), five-bars gamut display for easy gamut error detection and correction, picture (with closed caption) and surround-sound monitoring.

Parade, overlay and timing modes allow detailed study of component waveform levels and duration. Freeze mode enables comparison of different input signals. A thumbnail display can be selected for easy source identification. When four SDI signals are input, the LV5800 can present the waveform data of all four on a single waveform display. This allows fast and accurate calibration or, for example, incoming camera feeds. An Eye Pattern option provides phase-detection displays and measurements in accordance with EBU/SMPTE recommended practices.

HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI signals can be viewed and analysed. Up to four sources may be monitored for level, rise time, fall time and jitter. The LV5800 allows threshold adjustment and can autonomously monitor feeds, producing an error log with alarm whenever thresholds are violated.

Digital audio is displayed as 3:1, 3:2, and 3:2:2 surround images, multi-lissajous, digital values in dB combined with error reporting and 8-channel or 16-channel bar-graphs. The bar-graphs have selectable dynamic range and peak or average display ballistics. Channel order can be remapped, enabling users to create custom displays. Extracted-AES/EBU and analog monitoring outputs are available.

The LV5800 provides powerful detection facilities including freeze frame, color bar, mute and tone audio. Additional features include signal status, ANC data monitoring, error monitoring and digital line-select, precise digital cursors, menu control of storage of 50 front-panel setups, and Ethernet access.

Founded in 1978, elQuip BV (www.elquip.com) specializes in providing high-quality products for broadcasters, post-production facilities, edit suites and electronic equipment manufacturers. elQuip is Broadcast Master Distributor for Leader Electronics Corporation in Europe.