Leader introduces LT4400 HD/SD sync, test generator

The new LT440 multiformat generator is a compact master sync and test pattern generator with a wide range of applications in HD/SD video production, post production and nonlinear editing.

It can generate HD-SDI tri-level sync, composite and SDI black simultaneously via six outputs arranged as three pairs. Each of the three pairs is independently controllable, including black burst (PAL or NTSC) with independent timing. Genlock recovery features are also available.

The LT4400 provides HD-SDI and SD-SDI test patterns, including color bars and checkerboard. A logo bug and up to 16 characters of source identification can be superimposed on the test pattern output. Up to 16 channels of user-assignable audio tones or click can be embedded.

For more information, visit www.elquip.com.