Just Cool: Tesseractivity

CYBERSPACE: Designer Marc ten Bosch’s simplifies perceptual access of the fourth dimension with Miegakure, a platform puzzle game. Miegakure was an Excellence in Design finalist at the 2010 Independent Games Festival held in San Francisco last month. ten Bosch takes cues from Edwin A. Abbott’s famous 1884 dimensional exploration, “Flatland,” in which communities of points, lines, squares and spheres struggle to understand one another.

“Our world is three-dimensional: width, depth, and height. But what if there was a fourth physical dimension that we cannot see, in addition to the other three?” ten Bosch poses at his Web site. “This game is about exploring the consequences of being able to move in four spatial dimensions. It plays like a regular three-dimensional platformer, but at the press of a button one of the dimensions is exchanged with the fourth dimension, allowing for four-dimensional movement.”

There’s a great animation of a type of tesseract at the bottom of his page.